Abdominal Pain

Pain can be a side effect of exercise, and it’s essential to pay attention to it. The pain could signal something simple such as muscle overuse or something more serious such as a pulled muscle. Muscle tears can also cause a hernia, which will require surgery. Additionally, exercising can trigger an underlying condition such as a digestive disorder.

Abdominal pain can occur anywhere from below the chest to above the groin. The pain can be dull to throbbing to intense. It can be intermittent or continual. It’s important to be able to describe the pain to your health care provider if the pain does not resolve or gets worse. In general a dull pain that gets a little worse when you move the muscle is likely due to overuse. Any pain that makes it difficult to stand or move requires immediate evaluation by a health care provider.

Abdominal muscle strain or tearing occurs when a muscle is either overused or stretched in a way that’s abnormal for that muscle. Exercising incorrectly, too quickly or without proper support can cause a strain or tear. Lower abdominal pain can occur from doing situps, crunches or leg lifts, which put pressure on the lower abdominal muscles. Some pain is normal because you are working the muscles, and it should resolve within a day or

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