Head Injuries

Head injuries
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A blow to the head often causes concussion which can range from mild to severe.

Post concussion syndrome
A group of symptoms which occur after the main symptoms of concussion have cleared.

Migraine / headache
Headaches and migraines are common complaints which can become debilitating.

Fractured skull
A break in any of the bones of the head.

Intracerebral hematoma
A rupture of one or more blood vessels in the brain.

Acute subdural hematoma
A blood clot which develops between the brain and the dura matter

Chronic subdural intracranial hematoma
an old blood clot on the surface of the brain, between the brain and the dura

Epidural intracranial hematoma
a tearing of the blood vessels inside the dural membrane

Subarachnoid intracranial hematoma
a bleed into the subarachnoid space, between the brain and the thin tissue that covers it

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