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Treatment for Sports Injuries, Workplace Injuries, Back Pain, Joint Pain, Postural Problems, Repetetive Strain Injuries and more.

Welcome to Coles Injury & Rehab Clinics

Staffordshires Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy Specialists.

Our mission is to improve the wellbeing of our clients. Our first aim is always prevention—to reduce the risk of injury through education, training and proactive ergonomic assessments. However, if and when injuries do occur, we work to resolve symptoms quickly as well as treating the underlying cause. We achieve this with our highly experienced Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists who have undergone extensive postgraduate training.

Our modern clinic in Hanford offers comfortable, relaxing surroundings with up-to-date treatment facilities that are second to none. We use the latest treatment techniques and have invested in the latest clinical equipment and online exercise software to help our clients attain a speedy recovery.

Our Services

Injuries/Sports Injuries

Exercising, sports or just everyday routine can cause an injury. We can treat a wide range of acute and chronic injuries including muscle, tendon and joint injuries. With over 30 years combined experience in this sector, our treatments are designed to speed up recovery from sprains, strains and fractures, and at helping to prevent long-term damage.

Sports Massage

Therapeutic sports massage is designed to reduce tension and stress by the manipulation of soft tissue to enhance blood circulation and mitochondrial development. Massage can be used to enhance warm-up before exercise or competition to help prevent injury, to increase range of movement and to assist in recuperation from injuries.


Our registered Osteopaths are experts in assessing and treating musculoskeletal pain and disorders and use a variety of techniques to reduce pain and speed up the healing process. Whether you are rehabilitating following surgery, have developed pain through overuse, or have suffered an acute injury, we can help.

Personal Training & Gym Programs

Perhaps you’re looking for extra motivation to reach a particular goal, you want to build confidence in the gym, or you need support when coming back to exercise after injury or illness? Whatever your physical condition or personal goals, one-to-one sessions with our dedicated trainers can help you improve your health and well-being.

Pre Miltary Fitness Training

The entry testing for admission to the UK military is rigorous and demanding. Functional fitness for these roles requires physical strength, mental strength, endurance and stamina. As an Ex Royal Marine Commando with 22 years of service, Brian Cole’s military training regime can help to get you fighting fit and give you the best chance of passing the entry tests.

Gait & Biomechanics assessment

Gait & Biomechanic Assessment is a process that investigates limb alignment and posture, muscle length and strength, and considers movement quality in relation to an individual’s sport. Our biomechanical examinations identify and correct abnormal walking or running patterns for improved performance and fewer injuries.

What our Clients Say…

“Fantastic! I’ve have struggled with a recurring running injury for a long time. Just a couple of sessions at Cole’s and I feel the best I have for years and feel I’m on the back to my old form! Can’t recommend highly enough!”

John Whittaker


“I’ve been visiting this clinic on a regular basis with different complaints having previously had back and major hip surgery. Cured me of De Quervain’s Syndrome for which I was scheduled to have an injection! I also had unbearable sciatica in October; within 2 visits, it was under control! Nothing short of a miracle worker!”

Sonja Suckling

Sciatica Treatment

“Awesome treatment every time, friendly professional service, first time visited was in 2013 three days before a marathon with shin pain that stopped me from running. Got fixed and completed the race!”

Paul Osler


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